Business Accelerator Engagement & Support Program


In our business experience, too many times we have come across individuals and companies that never tried to implement their idea or project for lack of funding, support, fear or simply because their daily routine was more important than making their dream come true. Too often we do not want to risk our present for our future.

These are the reasons why we have developed this new “investment and business accelerator engagement & support program”. We want to unleash the potential within each and every one of YOU.

Whilst you will find a lot of emphasis being put on finance and money in all our presentations, please make no mistake, at the source of all success stories you will find that success is driven by PASSION, WORK, PRACTICE (be GOOD at what you do), FOCUS, PUSH (push yourself), SERVING (serve others something of value), IDEAS and PERSISTANCE!

At the beginning, Money is only a fuel (the tool) for powering your engine of success. Afterwards Money will be the result of the fun you will have whilst realizing your dream and the rightful reward for your success; the consequence of all the passion, work, practice, focus, push, serving, persistence that you will put in realizing your idea.

ICONS, together with its partners and investors have developed this unique and new funding tool by the name of: “PLATINUM” that gives individuals and entrepreneurs the possibility of obtaining funding resources in the form of: “NON-REFUNDABLE GRANTS” , “EQUITY FINANCE” and “FINANCING”.

Our partners and investors have awarded ICONS with the international mandate for seeking individuals with new ideas, opportunities for growth and Iconic projects for our Investor Clients.


We award non-refundable grants to individuals with business ideas. No matter if you are a Professional, an Employee, a Student, an Entrepreneur, a Freelance or if you represent a Company or a SME. We are looking for individuals with ideas and dreams to realize. Our mission is to create a dynamic international environment of entrepreneur-driven-innovation by facilitating the commercialization of technology-based products, business ideas, innovative concepts & solutions and services. If you have an idea, the time is now! You cannot lose by taking action.


We take an active interest in your business by equity participation. Our Angel Investors, Clients and Partners (Investors) through ICONS continue their search to invest in the best businesses and products worldwide. They will give people from all walks of life the chance to chase their dream and potentially secure business deals that could make them millionaires. They are ready to invest and give them the funding they need to enhance their businesses or bring their project to life against an equity percentage of their business. The investor’s goal is to get a return on their investment and own a piece of the next successful and big business idea.


We finance projects, provide fundraising support or refinance rolling businesses. We syndicate deals and participate in follow-on rounds, to ensure that our companies can continue to hit critical milestones and grow. We facilitate funding for direct investments for working capital requirements or acquisitions, startups or Joint Ventures, with syndicated financing up to project requirements. The amount of the financing is driven by the project and is not fixed to a predetermined ticket value (startup financing requirements are typically US$ 500k – US$ 750k – US$ 1M). Our finance models are comprehensive and range from Debt Finance (secured as well as an unsecured loan), Short Term Financing and Long Term Financing. In the initial stage we give priority to the project requirements and will define the terms and best solution  in the due diligence and final phases of funding release. We believe that the true growth potential lies with companies who are at an early stage in their growth cycle. For this reason we are strongly focused on Capital Ventures, Joint Ventures, Projects, Acquisitions and setting up New Companies. We come from a long term International experience in various industries that range from manufacturing, trade, services and finance.

PLATINUM is an exclusive funding program and is on “invitation-only basis”. It is reserved to people that qualify for the program or who will receive an invitation by a sponsor or by ICONS PLATINUM directly. Find out How to get your PLATINUM INVITATION now!

If instead you have received an invitation by ICONS or an ICONS representative or sponsor, please proceed with your registration by visiting our section: How to apply for funding

Alternatively, if you have not received an invitation and desire to participate or find out more, please send an e-mail request for qualification to: . Present yourself, indicate in your own words your idea, project or reason for us to evaluate. We ask you to be as specific, succinct, and explicit as possible.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Make it count!

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