In the continuous research for improvement aimed at excellency and to allow entrepreneurs to seize the best opportunities offered in the market, ICONS has launched a project called “ICONS INFINITY”. The project puts the needs of those who are about to look into new international markets at the center of attention, putting them at ease even in foreign and unknown environments.

Over decades ICONS has managed to create a loyal network of professionals, entrepreneurs and foreign companies (Business Development Partners) that, together, are able to offer endless opportunities. A real cradle to start new projects and give life to new ideas or collaborations. “ICONS INFINITY-Partners” offer security, reliability and support in an atmosphere of robust ethics and respect. A great place to find new partners and start a Joint Venture!

Joining ICONS INFINITY means collaborating with a strategic group, compact and ready to share concrete opportunities. As a result, the entrepreneur who adheres to this project will find:

  • A faster and leaner path for your own establishment within the territory that draws on a consolidated knowledge of the area and strong network.
  • Rationalized and reduced start-up costs.
  • All the support and information necessary to assist the entrepreneur in making the best operational choices.
  • Professionalism and 360° services and support through all stages of start-up development.
  • Decades of Networking experience and activity.
  • Projects, jobs, tenders and opportunities offered by the “ICONS INFINITY” business platform and network.
  • Synergies between the companies themselves who join and the opportunity of sharing projects and tenders.

ICONS INFINITY represents an extra gear and a Fastrack for companies who are looking abroad for new business or simply want to engage with new partners in their own country or internationally. A platform where you can express yourself to the fullest and demonstrate the validity of your products, services, solutions, skills and professionalism. A friendly environment in which one can focus entirely on the success of one’s own initiative, avoiding the waste of time and energy in fighting bureaucracies or protecting oneself from unpleasant experiences. A very common thing for entrepreneurs  who are about to go international with their business without engaging first with an expert guidance.

ICONS INFINITY, a highway towards new perspectives, a future of opportunities, a family, a new home abroad and support for your business in your own country. With our support you can finally pursue your aspirations giving yourself the opportunity to better express your skills.

ICONS INFINITY, exploiting the power of many within our network!

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