Affordable Wound Healing

October 2009


All wounds can now be healed. Infection is stopped, new skin is sensitive and elastic and scars are reduced. And at a cost that all can afford. This is not magic. The technique uses sound waves called Shock Waves that are also used to break kidney stones. CellSonic Ltd has launched its CellSonic Medical machine at a price about one third of anything similar on the market. This means that patients who were previously left to suffer can now be treated. A treatment takes about ten minutes and can be repeated once a week according to the severity of the wound. For patients undergoing surgery, the treatment can be before, during or after the operation. Plastic surgeons use shock waves to reduce the scars.

The CellSonic Medical also treats sports injuries such as heel spur, tennis elbow and calcified shoulder. Broken bones are healed and there are other amazing applications such as Peyronies disease.

The CellSonic Medical machine has taken six years to develop. By value, it is three quarters British. The design, assembly and testing to the highest ISO standards are done in India from where it is exported world wide. Research into new applications for shock waves continues and CellSonic are working on killing viruses in the body. It is thus ironic that a last minute hold up of the launch of the machine was caused by the swine flu virus hitting the moulding company making a vital new component for the shock head. Whether CellSonic succeeds in hitting viruses in the body remains to be seen but meanwhile millions of people suffering from wounds, including diabetic ulcers which were never healing, can now be cured.

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