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At ICONS INTERNATIONAL we are committed to your success! We guide and support our Clients and offer individual investors asset management and investment opportunities, individual account security, consultancy and independent research / analysis in order to become the partner of choice.

Financing! We EMPOWER DREAMS through our PLATINUM-Funding” program by awarding NON-REFUNDABLE GRANTS to individuals with business ideas. We provide EQUITY FINANCE  and evaluate taking an active interest in your business by equity participation.  We facilitate FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS by financing projects, providing fundraising support or by refinancing rolling businesses. We strive to link ideas and projects with finance and resources.

Networking & Business Development! Finding your NEW CLIENTS has never been so easy. With our  “BUSINESS-Clients” program we allow you to ACCESS OUR NETWORK of Clients, Partners, Startups, Joint Ventures & Projects allowing you to PROMOTE YOUR SERVICES & PRODUCTS within our network. We facilitate CONTACTS & BUSINESS CONNECTIONS within our business platform and will guide you to find the  Best Countries for your Business.

Joint Ventures! By leveraging our STRONG CONNECTIONS within the industries we find NEW PARTNERS for your business. Our INFINITY-Partners” program is designed to connect entrepreneurs with domain experts, INDUSTRY VETERANS & strategic partners. We offer a  MULTINATIONAL, MULTICULTURAL PLATFORM with a very high focus on developing International business opportunities, capital ventures and Joint Ventures. Our mission is to help Clients find new partners & opportunities and facilitate the commercialization of technology-based products, innovative concepts & solutions and services.

ICONS TENDERS-Projects is a premier opportunity platform that provides Global Tender Notices, International Competitive Bids, Trade Leads, procurement news, project information from all over the world. Give your company a competitive advantage and keep yourself abreast on relevant global tender notices, international competitive bids, trade leads by various agencies (government, semi-government and private) from all over the world.

With SPONSORS-PROMO You WILL FIND sponsors to support your initiative better and FASTER…or, if instead, you are looking for support to enter new markets for opening the door to new possibilities and gain high visibility, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Like many large corporations, ICONS INTERNATIONAL GROUP receives many applications to sponsor initiatives. We appreciate you considering us as a partner for your project and would be pleased to take the time to look at your application.

CASH-Out is our support program to Fastrack your Exit Strategy from your current investment. If you own a Property, a Business, an Investment or any Tangible Asset (fixed assets, such as machinery, buildings and land, and current assets, such as inventory), we can help you convert them into cash or cash equivalents by selling them on the open market. By APPLYING TO CASH-Out you will avail of the best and fastest support to liquidate your asset through our privileged portfolio of investors.

By submitting your application and registering as our SUPPORT-Consulting Client we will guide you in your investments, support you in emerging markets or in the launch of new technologies and Startups. We are geared to provide WORLD CLASS CONSULTANCY by seeking new ideas, opportunities for growth and iconic projects for our Clients. Our organization has strong connections with leading Venture Capital partnerships and other international Angel Investor Organizations. We enable individuals with ideas, small & medium enterprises, professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies to move quickly through their life-cycle with success. We never lose our focus on Clients high R.O.I. and security of investments and shape the future by creating value for Partners and Clients. We also assist our clients in identifying the best business asset and most strategic setup by guiding them in the establishment of  International Offshore Companies in the United Arab Emirates. ICONS today represents a crossroad of opportunities where Funding, Professionals, Companies, Personnel, Projects, New ideas, Joint Ventures and Technologies all come together.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT! For the most ambitious candidates we also offer a VIP SERVICE designed to have your application stand out at all times. By registering your application with our VIP SERVICE Your CV will be listed with all our industry partners making it easier for you to find a CAREER path or simply a better job. ICONS, our Partners, our Startups, our Joint Ventures and all the companies connected to our network draw from our VIP SERVICE CV database for starting or expanding their business before looking elsewhere. We offer YOU A BETTER FUTURE with our  “CAREERS-Jobs” program by REDUCING YOUR LEAD TIME to finding a CAREER path or a job. We facilitate your CV within our INDUSTRY PARTNERS NETWORK and offer you a new challenge. The OPPORTUNITY and GROWTH you’re looking for. Our PACKAGES, BENEFITS & LIFESTYLE stand out above industry standards. Start looking now in our  Available Job Opportunities section.

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